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Videography & Concierge Technicians

Updated: Oct 16

For two decades Remote Counsel and its support staff have led the charge and proven what is possible in a remote deposition. Our technicians are available to handle all of the technology and video needs for your next deposition.

Here are some examples of challenges clients sometimes face and how Remote Counsel has helped!

Challenge #1: Clients are needing top notch trial & deposition technicians to handle document management, sharing documents, screen sharing, highlighting. etc.

Solution: Our Concierge Technicians are trained with Oncue trial presentation software and AV technical expertise. They are able to introduce exhibits during a deposition, allowing the attorney to focus on their questioning rather than anything technical during the remote deposition.

Challenge #2: Clients were short staffed and needed competent Videographers & Concierge Technicians to help cover remote and hybrid jobs as well as a large upcoming complex case. Unfortunately this agency did not have the resources to cover all the events.

Solution: Remote Counsel had Video and Concierge technicians on standby and were able to assist this agency by satisfying all client demands.

Challenge #3: Clients require simultaneous translation and recordings for multiple languages during a deposition or event.

Solution: Remote Counsel has Video and Concierge technicians on standby and ready to assist with all remote jobs.

If you are interested in learning more please let us know:

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