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Law firms depend on trial presenters to advise and implement communication technologies during trial – posing a challenge. With the right partner, this is an opportunity to create more value for clients by addressing all of their needs in a one-stop shop.

For Trial Presenters and Litigation Consultants

Trial teams have four basic needs. Remote Counsel provides the best solutions to these in the following ways:

  • Remote Counsel Streaming: for corporate counsel, expert witnesses, and support staff that need to follow the trial remotely from headquarters or a war room 

  • Secure Internet: for when counsel requires secure, reliable internet access from inside the courtroom

  • Jury Research Connect: for partners and counsel who want remote access to a jury research event in a specific jurisdiction

  • Witness Connect: for witnesses that can’t appear in person due to illness, remoteness, or even unable to enter the country


We Help You Deliver Differentiated Value to Your Clients

  • Facilitate monthly check-ins to collaborate on upcoming trials

  • Arm your consultants with RC product data sheets to distribute to partner end clients

  • Identify, plan, and conduct joint presentations to mutual end clients

  • Introduce RC to other divisions, consultants and case teams within the organization

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