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New Customer Spotlight (May-2024)

Updated: Jun 27

Gilbert and Jones recently joined Remote Counsel with our Cameo Meetings service and now that they are familiar with the scheduling process, we asked them to provide some honest feedback about their experience.

1) How was your onboarding experience?

I found Remote Counsel to be very helpful and responsive to our questions with rapid responses. 

2) How has Remote Counsel improved your scheduling process?

I think the biggest benefit has been one central location for all the jobs.  Now that we’ve worked out the video issues, I think it’s going to be much easier than taking care of 6 Zoom accounts.

3) Would you recommend Remote Counsel to another Court Reporting Agency for (Cameo, Real-Time, Videography or Concierge/White Glove Service?

We have only used the Cameo Meetings but I would recommend it.

If you are interested in learning more please let us know: 

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