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New Customer Spotlight (June-2024)

Remote Legal recently joined Remote Counsel with our Cameo Meetings service and Videography/White Glove service and now that they are familiar with the scheduling process, we asked them to provide some honest feedback about their experience.

1) How was your onboarding experience?

Our experience has been great so far.  As a service provider ourselves, we understand the importance of communication and detail.  Remote Counsel’s team is very responsive and understands what we want and need, and keeps an open line of communication with us.

2) How has Remote Counsel improved your scheduling process?

By adding their additional services, it allows us to consider a single solution for some of our unique job types.  This has allowed our scheduling team to count on a main resource for proceedings that require a unique setup and avoid having many different contacts or flows.

3) Would you recommend Remote Counsel to another Court Reporting Agency for (Cameo, Real-Time, Videography or Concierge/White Glove Service?

We would.  It is important to utilize industry-specific resources for sensitive information relating to cases, and Remote Counsel has responded well to that requirement.

If you are interested in learning more please let us know: 

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