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Top Questions from Court Reporters after RAP Trainings

Is there any difference between logging into Remote Counsel or logging into RAP?

  • Yes. They are completely different platforms. Remote Counsel is for agencies and attorneys; RAP is for reporter's only.

  1. How do you get to the RAP dashboard?

  1. Are the credentials the same for RAP as Cat Shuttle?

  • Correct, same credentials you used when you configured CAT Shuttle.

  1. Where on the reporter email is the link to RAP?

  • It's in the, “you have been scheduled” email from Remote Counsel, under the heading, “Reporter Access Portal” in the lower portion of the email.

  1. I want to use Remote Counsel for all my realtime jobs but some of the court reporting agencies I work for do not use Remote Counsel. Can I get Remote Counsel on my own?

  • It is best to ask the court reporting agency if they can start using Remote Counsel so there is no cost for the court reporter.

  1. Does this work with Eclipse?

  • RAP is not CAT system dependent. It is Remote Counsel dependent. If your CAT system can send data to Remote Counsel, you can utilize our RAP platform.

  1. What are the steps of setting up test session? Do we need to have the software opened?

  • Yes, you absolutely need to have your software opened and configured to send to remote counsel. You can only launch a test session if you do not have any live events running. Simply click the start test session button on the dashboard (button is only visible if you do not have a live event).

  1. Will we still receive event summary emails?

  • Yes, summary emails will still auto send at the end of the day, but RAP gives you the ability to pull that information at anytime. No need to wait for the summary email.

  1. Is there a way that the reporter can disable "save transcript"

  • No, this is done by the court reporting agency that schedules the event in Remote Counsel. Reporter's cannot control that feature through RAP.

  1. What tab do you click to share events?

  • Click the share button above your realtime on the dashboard landing page.

  1. So if you are sharing an Arbitration, each reporter will use their own email address, but the company will have to let Remote Counsel know that is happening and add both reporters. Then we can handoff in RAP

  • No, the reporter that receives the "you have been scheduled" email would need to login into RAP, then click the share button above the realtime window in the dashboard.

If you would like to learn more, email to find out when the next RAP training will be or how to sign up with Remote Counsel.

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