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Cameo Meetings solving client facing Zoom challenges

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Solutions to scheduling Zoom Meetings and how we were able to build a solution with Cameo Meetings

Examples of client facing challenges with scheduling Zoom and how we were able to help build a solution

Challenge #1: Client is struggling to manage all their Zoom rooms and is using Google Sheets | Excel to track which rooms are being used. Finding it difficult to manage all their rooms, prevent overlapping rooms & times but this is becoming time sensitive and double booked rooms have occurred.

Solution: Remote Counsel provides a simple way to schedule a Zoom meeting using Cameo Meetings. In the screenshot above, if the scheduler does not pick the room, our system will automatically run a query on the rooms and schedule the correct room automatically so there are never any errors and saving the scheduler plenty of precious time.

Challenge #2: The attorney is on a remote deposition but is having audio issues minutes prior to the scheduled deposition.

Solution: The scheduling firm is using Remote Counsel Cameo Meetings for the deposition and the attorney is able to give our tech support a quick call and able to resolve the issue right when the deposition started.

Challenge #3: The court reporter is at a Law Firm with the witness and an attorney and using a Zoom link provided by the Court Reporting Agency. There are other attorneys joining the deposition remotely so they are going to use the law firms conference room. Minutes before the start of the deposition the court reporter notices that the Zoom link does not support h.323 systems and are unable to use Zoom in the conference room.

Solution: If the Court Reporting Agency was using Remote Counsel for Cameo Meetings then this scenario would never have occurred. We provide unlimited h.323 ports with your Cameo Meeting subscription.

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