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Real-Time solutions to client facing challenges

Solutions to Real Challenges with Real-Time and how we worked with our clients to build a solution

Examples of client facing challenges with Real-Time that we were able to help build a solution

Challenge #1: Client had multiple court reporters tag teaming real-time events that were multiday and scheduled to run extremely long but requested quick turn around on the sessions. Usually for arbitration or trial.

Solution: Remote Counsel provides a single session so clients don't have to bounce back and forth between reporter feeds. Our Reporter Access Portal (RAP) allows reporter's to share events as they are tagging in and out. Best of all, the Reporters don't have to be using the same CAT software!

Challenge #2: Reporter's needed a way to invite and send real-time links to clients on the fly without having to get scheduling teams involved. For instance a scheduler left an attorney or two off the list when the event was created in Remote Counsel or their Scheduling platform. The court reporter also requested to receive logs of all participants who attended and joined the Real-Time feed for billing purposes.

Solution: Reporter Access Portal (RAP) allows reporters to invite attorneys on the fly without needing to get the scheduling team involved. This will save everyone attending the job some valuable time versus contacting the scheduling department and having them add certain participants to the session.

Challenge #3: Attorneys needed the same features they have grown accustomed to using in their transcript viewing software platforms.

Solution: Remote Counsel provides attorneys all the features they need and expect right in their browser, including our integrated notes and annotation.

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